Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's important.

Stolen from a blog I read:

"I'm blessed.

I sent my yarn money to Doctors Without Borders (website for Canada here, for USA here and other countries can find their site here) this afternoon. All donations are gratefully received. If you are able to donate, please, when you go to the website and get the drop-down menu, choose "Greatest Need" or "Emergency Relief" as the target for your donation. That way they will be able to apply the funds where they will do the greatest good.This is a country that is so poor that even before the earthquake they were eating mud."

I sent my yarn money there, too. Right now, it seems all donations they receive are being targeted towards Haiti, so you may not have to worry about selecting the "Greatest Need" donation target. DWB are an amazing group of people who do great work and perform small miracles in the world's worst places every single day. Also, if you're a knitter and you make a donation, click here to represent. Like the above-quoted blogger said, I have no idea how they will survive this. Perhaps, with our help, they can.