Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can you still say you're in your "mid-thirties?"

...when you turn 37? Sigh...

Today's my birthday - I'm celebrating by hanging out with my friends Alyson and Ben down in Kentuckindiana. That's a new state I made up because they live in Indiana but right outside of Kentucky and all weekend long I've been asking, "now where are we? Kentucky? Indiana?" I think they're ready for me to go home now.

I thought I'd reflect on 36 and a few cool things that I did while I was there.

1. Paid off a lot of debt. 'Nuf said.

2. I went to Jazz Fest for the first (but definitely not the last) time. Fell in love with New Orleans and tried to convince husband to move there. No go. I'll keep working on him, though.

3. Went to some cool places for the first time:
Indiana (Shut up, I can say that, I've been here since Thursday.)
Did I say Ireland?
Cincinnati (good chili, for reals)
Oh yeah, Ireland

4. Moved back to Jersey after almost 10 years. Home is home, y'all, whether other people think it's crazy or not.

5. Knit. A LOT. Made some really cool things for some good, good people.

It does seem like much, but it was a good year, I think. I'll be okay with 37 if it turns out as well.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fridays don't come often enough.

What a week, y'all. Work is absolutely bananas. I think I need a drinkie (or four) to drown my sorrows.

You know what my issue is this week? That I really need to learn not to care so much. I feel like I've sold my soul for the unnamed major corporation, except that when you sell your soul, you should at least have some sort of short-term gratification or perk or something... but instead, I just keep getting shat on. And then I work harder. And still no one notices. Or cares. So why should I care? Hence my issue. And yes, I know I ended that sentence five sentences ago with a preposition, but since I am both soul-less and exhausted, I'm leaving it. That's how you know something is REALLY wrong with me.

A fun diversion, however, has been the Sock Kit Swap I'm doing - I'm in Ravenclaw house, we rock. I made awesome stitch markers for my spoilee, I hope she lurves them as much as I do. That was a really fun experience, I'll definitely make more - plus I have about a zillion leftover beads and stuff.

I have tons of knitting pics I should put up. Will do, just as soon as I open up this bottle...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why I love Sundays...

Sitting around, pot of chili bubbling on the stove, watching football and knitting. The only thing that would be better is if my Eagles were playing in the playoffs right now. I'm trying not to think about the long, dark time that's coming soon where there's no more football and baseball hasn't started yet and all we have to look forward to is March Madness. Boo. Will post pics of my oh-so-cute Fetching mitts soon, about 80% done with the second one.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm in! Wahoo!

Too exciting! Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4!

So, it's happened. I'm coming over to the dark if I needed something else to keep me on my arse in front of the computer! I've joined the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4 - at least, I hope I made the deadline, I think there was still spots. For this endeavor, you evidently need a blog. I learned a lot in the last 15 minutes while I jumped in head-first:

1. I have absolutely no impulse control. "Join a swap? Why, absolutely! Buy a bridge? Indubitably! Jump off it? Right on!"
2. Setting up a blog is so easy a trained monkey could do it. That's a little encouragement for all the trained monkeys out there.
3. I have been sorted into Ravenclaw - and I think that's spot on.
4. My Potter name is oh-so-much more elegant that my own. How rad is that?! I hope it gives me superpowers, just as soon as I find my wand.

Can't wait to get confirmation that I'm in!