Saturday, March 29, 2008


Heading out tomorrow for a little vacation - can't wait. Feel bad that the hubs can't make it, but my ma and I will have fun :)

Here's an work in progress:

It's Branching Out in some lovely Koigu I bought last year at MDS&W - purpley-browney loveliness...

And another one, this is Leftovers (sending much knitterly love to the!). The yarn is a mish-mosh of all different stuff, the brown is Knitpicks Merino in Cinnamon, the blue is Cascade 220 Heathers, the gray and white is cheapo Lion stuff I bought at Michael's to bulk up the stash, the yellow is leftover Cascade from a Harry Potter scarf and the orange is Heilo. I think. It's very 70's, but I like it - I keep calling it the "That 70's show" vest:

Where I'm going for the next few days, should be loads of time to knit and read and maybe these will be finished by the next post. Enjoy!

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Courtney said...

Loving that you have a blog! :)
The vest and the branching out look great...I remember that koigu! We'll have to get more this year. :)