Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rockin' Sock Club 2009

So, I've always wanted to get in on this and this year, I have...

Evidently, you pay your $$$, and every once in awhile, you get a box filled with sock yarn and a pattern. And there's a pretty chatty blog/website you can post on and meet folks, too. Box should get here early next week (maybe on Tuesday for my birthday?), will post pics of what I get.

I haven't been knitting much since I finished my Christmas stuff, I need to get back in the swing. I have, however, been listening to the news 24-7 and am pretty pleased with the goings-down of this week. I'm hopeful, and willing to be (a little) patient.

Because I have no pics to post, here's some random thoughts...
1. I've been going to the chiropractor (4 times so far), and today I actually think I'm feeling it. Yay to not being in pain!
2. Also been going to the gym a lot and working with Liz the Wonder-Trainer. So that's good.
3. I wish I had someone who's job was to make me breakfast. Srsly, they came in for, like, 30 minutes, put the coffee on and whipped up a little something and left. That'd be so rad. As it is now, I hem and haw about what to have for breakfast and the next thing you know, it's time for lunch and I'm starving.
4. Snooty, condescending people at work get on my nerves.
5. I might go to England in March! I really hope that works out. Need to get with Cam, make plans.
6. Need to decide if I'm doing the HSKS swap again - sign-ups are tomorrow.

And there you have it. Oh, and today is my Ma's birthday, so happy birthday, Ma! Have a good one!

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