Thursday, February 7, 2008

Queen of the Slackers, I am.

So, let's recap my workday today:

1. Got up late. LATE. Didn't turn on computer til almost 8:30. I have a 14 second commute down the hall from my bedroom to my office. Laaaa-zy!

2. Called into a 9:30 conference call. Promptly turned on the mute button. Fired up the coffee pot. Began looking for tax forms for this year because I vaguely remember receiving them. Decide they must have been sucked into the black hole vortex that is my office.

3. 10:00: Office is really bad. Begin cleaning. Not one helpful comment or insight into the conversation that is still happening on the conference call. Who are these people and what do they want with me?

4. 10:30: Find tax forms. Dance with cat, who is not amused at all. Make piles of stuff to be shredded. Still half-listening and not participating at all in conference call. Yes, you know, the one I'm paid to be on.

5. Decide that the small victory of finding tax forms must mean it's time for lunch. 11:30? Who cares!! I know it's early. I can always have a snack later if I get hungry, and I will, oh yes, I will.

6. 11:45: Lunch made, I turn on the TV, and grab the bag I'm knitting:

Couch is really comfy. Decide to snooze for 10 minutes, which will certainly energize me for the afternoon.

7. Wake up. 12:45. Hmm. Must have been more tired than I thought. Dammit, have another call in 15 minutes.

8. 1:00: Dial into next call and immediately put on mute. Half-listen as I pull pictures off camera. Here's another knitting project I just finished:

Cute, no. Fetching, in awesome yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. When I die, mummify me in this stuff, and I will grant you wishes afterwards, I swear.

9. Some stuff must have happened between 1:00 and now (4:52) but I have no idea what it was. I think I had a snack, maybe?

It must be almost dinner time, right?

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