Monday, July 6, 2009

Game 2, Part 2 and Three Truths and a Lie Guesses!

Gah, was busy with the holiday weekend and didn't get a chance to post this!

Quote: "When in doubt, go to the library."
Quoter: Ron Weasley

Here are my guesses for our house game, Three Truths and a Lie:
Bevin: coffee
Celestina: kids
Dan'Azarella: wrestling
Helga: TV
Rowan: piano
and Winnie: country music

And, just because, 5 random songs that have come up on the iPod today but have provided me with great background sounds for a very productive day:
"Caring is Creepy," the Shins
"You Look Like Rain," Morphine
"Amie," Damien Rice
"Expo '86," Death Cab for Cutite
"Grace," Jeff Buckley


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