Friday, January 18, 2008

Fridays don't come often enough.

What a week, y'all. Work is absolutely bananas. I think I need a drinkie (or four) to drown my sorrows.

You know what my issue is this week? That I really need to learn not to care so much. I feel like I've sold my soul for the unnamed major corporation, except that when you sell your soul, you should at least have some sort of short-term gratification or perk or something... but instead, I just keep getting shat on. And then I work harder. And still no one notices. Or cares. So why should I care? Hence my issue. And yes, I know I ended that sentence five sentences ago with a preposition, but since I am both soul-less and exhausted, I'm leaving it. That's how you know something is REALLY wrong with me.

A fun diversion, however, has been the Sock Kit Swap I'm doing - I'm in Ravenclaw house, we rock. I made awesome stitch markers for my spoilee, I hope she lurves them as much as I do. That was a really fun experience, I'll definitely make more - plus I have about a zillion leftover beads and stuff.

I have tons of knitting pics I should put up. Will do, just as soon as I open up this bottle...

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